Vetreria Nuova Romagnola Srl was founded in 1979 among the Romagna hills, an artisan company, specialized in the construction and furnishing sector with interventions throughout the region; currently it has 16 employees and numerous subcontractors for all those special accessory processes.

We offer a product with all the required technical specifications, in all executable versions and above all in compliance with current regulations. Thanks also to the double-glazing line, we produce glass with all kinds of insulation, thermal, acoustic, solar control and safety, each made possible thanks to the use of the most advanced technological systems.

The company has evolved considerably over time; it has created all kinds of custom-made furniture such as crystals, glass, mirrors, glass windows produced by means of various techniques and details, further specializing in the furniture sector, from design to construction, using the company’s own technicians.

We are able to satisfy the market at 360°, including parapets (both indoor and outdoor) installed with profiles drowned in the concrete slab or with ball joints, stairwells, steps, projecting roofs, shower boxes, doors, walkable glass flooring, glass with Venetian blinds inside the double glazing, etc ..

Solicited by the frequent requests for accessories, if standard products are not enough to satisfy the request, we also make use of the collaboration of expert craftsmen for the tailor-made creation of products with materials such as stainless steel, iron, wood, etc.

Vetreria Nuova Romagnola personally transports and installs what it produces; transportation is carried out via the company’s own means and so is the installation, the latter two things together with an accurate service and rapidity in interventions mark our strengths.

Our way of working has evolved considerably over the years, making use of state-of-the-art equipment such as:

  • suction cup with continuous rotation and 0-90° electric tilting suitable for lifting, on the construction sites, glass sheets that have a weight of up to 1200 kg.
  • vertical self-propelled electric platform that satisfies lifting needs with ease and efficiency.
  • Mini crane with telescopic arm, so as to be able to pass through doors, and that is able to go up and down stairways, all of which are useful for indoor installation.
  • Crane truck.

Vetreria Nuova Romagnola has obtained the CE mark; in fact, we apply a company Quality System within our business in compliance with the requirements of the EN 1279-5 European standard, according to the procedures set out in the Quality Manual, in the applicable Procedures and Operating Instructions.

Our Quality policy is as follows:

  • Satisfy every need of the customer, recommending the most suitable product;
  • Comply with contractual requirements and with the laws governing the activity;
  • Prevent "non-compliance".